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vintage noun vin·​tage |  \ ˈvin-tij
: recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality : CLASSIC

Are you looking for your perfect puppy? Welcome to Vintage Doodles, where we breed and prepare the sweetest, smartest, and cuddliest doodles to bring lots of love into your life! Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles that are bred for temperament, teachability, non-shed super silky fleece coats, and they just happen to be stunningly beautiful as well! With lots of happy clients and years of experience I promise to expertly help you through the puppy process. 

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Our Josie/Red litter (12-25 lbs.) due at the beginning of March, and ready the beginning of May. Reds and abstract reds.

Also, Capri and Kai (20-35lb) will have pups at the beginning of April, ready to go home at the beginning of June. Creams and Light Reds expected

Home: What is a Multigen Australian Labradoodle?

Are you looking for your new best friend? Our sweet pups are Labradoodles...but special. They are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles with lines going back to the original Tegan Park and Rutlan Manor in Australia. Our doodles are a unique blend of different parent you get a very calm, relaxed, playful, non-shedding, boxier faced, and smart as can be puppy!

So what are Australian Labradoodles?

Australian Labradoodles are totally different—these dogs have been bred for decades, and their lineage is more complex. Australian Labradoodles are a cross between six different parent breeds:



•English Cocker Spaniels

•American Cocker Spaniels

•Curly Coat Retrievers

•Irish Water Spaniels

But do the added breeds make any difference in behavior? You know, the things that make a dog easy to incorporate into your life....

Australian Labradoodles Versus Labradoodles:

With early-generation Labradoodles coming either directly from poodle/lab parents or other early-generation Labradoodles, consistency can be an issue. Puppies come in considerably different sizes, temperaments, and coat types.As litters head into second and third generations, genetic variance continues, which can amplify negative, undesirable traits—which might not manifest until you’ve brought your new puppy home.

Conversely, Australian Labradoodles have been bred for many generations. By now, physical and personality traits become predictable. Patterns emerge. After breeding these dogs for so many generations, they’ve become more like a standard breed than a novelty hybrid.

First of all, some Labradoodles DO shed. Although many are hypoallergenic, the variance we were talking about earlier can cause an over-expression of Labrador traits—and remember, labs shed! On the other hand, Australian Labradoodles do NOT shed, and are the perfect choice for dog-lovers with allergies.

The other issue with variance in early-generation Labradoodles is temperament. Labradoodles tend to be hyperactive, which is simply too much for a lot of families. Plus a dog who doesn't get the exercise or stimulus they need often become unruly or destructive. Hyperactive dogs require almost constant attention and exercise. If you are a runner who wants to need to run your dog for 30-60 minutes a day, this would not be a problem. For most of us though having to do this just doesn't fit our lifestyle. On the flip-side, Australian Labradoodles are much calmer. 

That’s not to say they’re lazy, though! It just means they won’t tear up your house when they get bored. Australian Labradoodles are sharp as a whip, super easy to train, and the best jogging buddy you could ever ask for.

Welcome puppy package provided includes toys, blanket with the scent of the litter, leash, and collar. Pups have had their vaccinations and regular deworming. 

Our Dams



Daughter of Charlotte and Cooper

Cecily's family has 7 children who just adore her. She is very gentle, but goofy, and always eager to please. Plus her stunning good looks don’t hurt either. Traits she will surely pass on to her pups! 



Daughter of Cooper and Kahlua

Brownie is as sweet as her name. She loves her sister Snickerdoodle who is also a dam. Their family met them trying to choose between them and decided they must have both of them in their family. She is a beautiful chocolate and white parti with beautiful spotted markings. 



Daughter of Ralph and Pup Pup

Clover is a gorgeous red and white parti with a sparkling personality. She is an all around good dog who is beloved by her family. 



Daughter of Ralph and Molly

 Ohana means family, and she has definitely made a difference in our family. Our aging 14 year old beheamoth of a chocolate lab needed a friend and Ohana came bounding into the house bringing new life to Frank. They became friends from the start, and when our Frank passed away a year later, she was a balm to our hearts. She is very friendly, loves to cuddle, and astounds me with how teachable she is. She is a wonderful and attentive mama, who adores her pups. 


Hazel **RETIRED**

Daughter of Wonka and Zoe

Hazel is a gentle girl with lots of children in her household. They love her so much they adopted one of her pups as well. She has a gorgeous Smokey gray coat with caramel highlights. Hazel is a small medium and weighs 30 lbs. 

Snickerdoodle is a fun-loving, very sweet, gorgeous, and extremely calm dog. When she walks over to you her whole body wags, not just her tail. It is so adorable! She weighs 20 lbs and her family calls her Snickers. She has a very gentle demeanor and is very in tune with those around her. Her family consists of 3 kids and her wonderful parents They were searching for a family dog and came to us. They met Snickers and another one of our dogs, Brownie, and could just not decide between the two of them. They took them both home that very day! Just goes to show you how carefully we select our dams for breeding. We are so thrilled to have 2 of our dams in such a loving home and that we get to work with such great people! 

Home: Our Dams

Our Studs

Well behaved gentlemen make well behaved pups 

Bradley is a dream dog. He was so easy to train...if fact, I think he mostly trained himself. He is so intuitive and intelligent. He has a gorgeous build with everything in perfect proportion, and a thick apricot and cream coat. He is a Sire who loves puppies and is a gentle soul. He weighs 40 lbs. 




Kai is a sweet, sweet boy who was raised in our home until he was 9 months old. He is now in a fantastic guardian home and we love when we can come to stay. He is affable, goofy, and always ready to play and cuddle. He has a very obedient sweet spirit, plus he is gorgeous. Super soft coat and faint beautiful apricot markings. 

Vintage Doodles Moose 5lb poodle.jpg


Moose, the Red Rebel, is a 5lb toy poodle. He has an extremely soft double curled red coat, a dark nose, and beautiful dark eyes. He is AKC registered, OFA tested & cleared, and genetically tested & cleared. 

He is so sweet, loyal, and very obedient. He is an overachiever and strives to please. He loves other dogs and children. He loves to relax and cuddle, or play fetch outside.  

Home: Our Studs


Home: Puppy Enrichment Program

Puppy Enrichment Matters

How do we raise our puppies?
We have worked hard for the past 12 years to create puppies who have “solid nerves” a good core, great focus, who are easily trained, and have a wonderful affinity for bonding. 
Puppy enrichment always begins with the care of the mother dog. A comfortable, settled dam who feels safe with us and in our home makes a good momma. We monitor the health, comfort, and happiness of her and her pups very closely. 
Bio-sensory stimulation is employed from days 3-16 just like the Super Puppy Program developed by the US military. These are 5 very simple 3-5 second exercises that increase the growth and processing power of a puppy’s brain. We hold them upright, sideways, on their back, tickle between their toes, and put them on a cold damp mat 3-5 seconds. These simple steps create experiences that a puppy will not consistently get in the whelping box. 
We jump start their natural genetic predisposition to acclimate and then adapt to different stimuli and situations. A tiny bit of stress on their nervous system equals a better brain and measurable brain growth.
I don’t know if cleanliness is literally akin to godliness, but for puppies it is vital. Clean puppies may sound very basic, but you might be surprised how easily they and their box can become dirty. Especially by breeders who are not spending adequate time with their litters. Raising a puppy in cleanliness teaches your dog to stay clean for life.

At 6 weeks we perform temperament testing. Temperament is really setting at this time. We know these pups very well and have seen them grow daily....sometimes it seems like even hourly. We notice their favorite positions, how they play with their litter mates, where they prefer to be, how curious and adventurous they are, how they respond to stimuli, their affinity for human contact and touch... We test the size of their startle reflex and, more importantly, how quickly their nervous system settles. All very important parts of each puppy’s personality and nervous system that when investigated together creates an assessment of temperament. 

We know that when you select Vintage Doodles as Your breeder, that you are putting a tremendous amount of trust in us! We appreciate and honor that trust. We are committed to helping you find the right puppy for you, and, most importantly, the right home for each puppy.

Dog Training

I highly recommend Sean McDaniel's podcast and program:

If you are in Salt Lake, I highly recommend Ty the Dod Guy. 

Meet Nugget—Parents are Chloe and Bradley in the recent litter of 12! He’s absolutely wonderful and a smart guy, quick learner. He loves playing with our kids and gets into the funniest positions and small spaces. Not for long though—he’s growing quickly! We get compliments all the time from friends who have had dogs before—everyone agrees he’s the best puppy they’ve ever met. We feel very lucky to have this little guy in our life! 3/14/2018

Erinn in CA


Home: Testimonial

I was looking at the website and thought how different it was. I'm glad you were able to take it over. Mozzie is such a great dog. The trainer we used calls him a unicorn because they have never had a doodle that was so easy and responsive to training. He just loves everyone, but is not a cuddler. Oh well, can't have everything. 😀Well, if we ever decide to finally get another pup, you will be my first call. Good luck.

After several weeks of being out of the country I finally got my Mozzie back yesterday. He was boarded with a trainer. The trainer said he has never trained a dog that was as smart and quick learning as Mozzie, especially him still being a puppy. He said we got a great dog. I couldn't agree more.

Jennifer in Cedar City

Mozzie from Chloe/Bradley 

Home: Testimonial

About Me

I have always adored dogs and have been completely smitten with labradors for as long as I can remember. I grew up with several and adored their caring, empathetic, eager to please nature. When I created my own family, I still loved my Labrador, but my daughter has severe allergies and the hair was everywhere. 
When I was introduced to this new breed called a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle I was skeptical. Could they really be as sweet as a lab, non-shedding, with lower energy than a typical doodle? The years I have spent working for the responsible and caring breeder, Katherine Schmidt, and meeting hundreds of these amazing dogs have completely convinced me that they are all of that and then some. Katherine Schmidt of Winsome Cottage has now given me my dream of running my own breeding program by taking over after her retirement. 
These animals bring me so much joy and there is nothing that beats seeing a puppy go to a wonderful loving home. It’s incredibly bittersweet, but full of joy. It’s an amazing job and responsibility. As a mom, I can work from home and take care of my family as well as my dogs. 

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