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 What are the characteristics of our Multigen Australian Labradoodles that make them so special?

Some wonderful characteristics of the Australian Labradoodle’s are: non-shedding, allergy friendly, happy, fun, charming, very intelligent & easily trained, non-aggressive, extremely loving personalities, affectionate, playful, child friendly, intuitive, clever, loves other pets, entertaining clown-like behavior, athletic, confident, service oriented, faithful, mellow when being held & loyal. They are our BEST FRIENDS!!! A dog bred specifically for service or companion pets.


*Australian Labradoodles are extremely intuitive. One of the characteristics that make them such great pets, service dogs and therapy dogs is their ability to read their owners and seem to instinctively sense their emotions.


*Australian Labradoodles are gentle dogs that love to be close to their owners. This intuitive quality means that they love a great deal of human contact – they aren’t a breed that’s happy to be left alone. It’s also essential that you provide training early on; otherwise these smart dogs may outsmart you!


*Australian Labradoodles love to play! They actually enjoy seeing their owners laugh and smile. They will do almost anything to get a smile from their owner – which sometimes means a little bit of mischievous behavior too! They love other animals and especially get along with almost any kind/breed of dogs.


*Australian Labradoodles have a non-shedding and allergy friendly coat. The unique Australian Labradoodle coat is not prone to shedding or dander. This makes them allergy friendly.


*Australian Labradoodles are water loving. Australian Labradoodles love to go for a swim in pools, lakes, rivers, etc.


*Australian Labradoodles are great retrievers. Australian Labradoodles love to play fetch. When trained as service dogs, Australian Labradoodles will bring items for their owners and are great at retrieving objects for owners.

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