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Adoption Process

The first step to adopting one of our puppies is to fill out  the questionnaire below. We want to get to know you and  about the puppy you are looking for.

We will contact you in a day or two to clarify your needs, and  match you to a litter or available puppy.

We recommend that you place your deposit as soon as we contact you to ensure your spot on the list. A non-refundable reservation deposit of $500 and a completed application mean your reservation is complete. 

You will then receive weekly photos and updates to see the litter growing and developing. 

We will temperament test at 5 weeks and puppy selection will take place at that time. We will help you select your puppy based on their temperament and your needs. First come first served. Our puppies by virtue of their lineage and being multigenerational, are going to hit the temperament sweet spot, but there are some puppies that are more preferable for a therapy, service, or even a companion dog.

Now for the very best part! At 8-9 weeks, your puppy will go home! We will notify you of the designated puppy pickup date several weeks ahead of time. If you require your puppy to be flown to you, we will make separate arrangements with you. We have a flight nanny who can deliver your pup to the airport of your choosing. If you contact her, she can send you a delivery quote. 

You can contact our flight nanny for a quote:

Name: Chaya Phillips

Facebook: Chaya's Confident Puppy Services


Phone #: 208-709-2450

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